The Naked Hound Grooming Salon
 127 Prince St Grafton NSW
Ph/Fax: 02 6642 8566

The Naked Hound Grooming
127 Prince St

Grafton n

Rates & Services

Please Note :-

The current Price Board is a guideline only, matted coats, breed trims and difficult dogs can be extra depending on the time frame needed to complete the haircut.  De-sheds and groom outs incur an extra fee depending of the state of coat.  Impacted coats will incur a larger fee.

i do not clip bitches in pup, after the first three weeks gestation,  contact your vet after this time frame.

We also have a "No Ear Policy"  this means we do not clean, pluck or rinse the ear canal in any way. This is an invasive procedure,  and needs to be done by your veterinarian

Anal Glands, please see your vet if this is required..